Clients voices - merik unternehmensentwicklung & coaching

„Jörg possesses great sensitivity. He adjusts the pace at the right moment and draws the important things to the surface.“
Pirmin Zehnder, Managing CEO at Newemag AG,


„I think he understands how to go into the personal situation and analyse the situation in his calm manner, to summarise it, lead you to see potential approaches yourself, but also offering solutions.“
Stefan Dietz, Innovations Manager at Lafarge Holcim AG in Holderbank


„Jörg Meerholz is a person who is results-oriented, without losing sight of the matter´s human dimension. He looks for solutions, that serve the issue as well as the people involved without compromising the objective. In this way he benefits from one of his strengths – to see the big picture. His personality is open to and interested in the new and this makes him an inspiring person to talk to.“
Andreas Zurbrügg, CEO at Ringele AG,


„Jörg Meerholz knows very well how to draw the attention of the person opposite to what is really essential «between the lines» and to clarify it. This leads to a loosening of knots and to new solutions opening up.“
Beat Wechsler, Owner Wechsler & Partner Management Consultancy AG,


„You have a good sense of when you have to intervene and when you can just let things take their course.“
Marc Hefti, CEO at Pfeifer-Isofer AG,